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Los gráficos


This site compiles the results for more than 160 countries, between 1870 and 2020, and offers useful analytical tools, such as series editors, data comparison, and display systems, for teachers, researchers, and those interested in the comparative study of human development levels and their components in the world.

Four main dimensions of economic freedom are distinguished: legal structure and security of property rights, value of money, freedom to trade internationally, and regulation. For each dimension of economic freedom an index, consistent over space and time, is computed on the basis of different indicators.

The format of presentation of the data and the instruments offered for its analysis in this space allow the user to deepen his or her knowledge of our economic history and to travel through the different periods of expansion and crisis that the Spanish economy has undergone since the mid-19th century. It also provides a long and comparative view of GDP and population since the late 13th century.

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